It’s almost your Birthday ! 🥳 Our gift to you is 20% on your music submission to the 2022 InterContinental Music Awards!

- Be Heard by Music Judges in Hollywood!

- Be internationally recognized

- Chance to win great prizes, including our $1000 ICON Award cash prize!​

What Others Are Saying About ICMA

"Over the past decade, InterContinental Music Awards has recognized music talents from different countries. ICMA is committed to supporting and promoting music and talented musicians."
Fox news logo
Fox News, July 2020
“This is a revolution in the music industry as this is the first award that recognizes artists the proper way by giving them the acknowledgement and support they need, crediting their cultural or ethnical background that makes their music so unique.”
abc new logo
ABC7, July 2019
“a music award without borders, a music award that unites all continents, a music award dedicated to all artists."
music connection magazine logo
Music Connection Magazine, Feb 2019
"ICMA has emerged as the preeminent music festival for artists around the world. Done thoroughly and with class, I’m proud be be a part of it."
Portrait of Eytan Ribner, winner of InterContinental Music Awards 2021, posing for their award
Eytan Ribner
ICMA 2021 Winner - USA
"The Intercontinental Music Awards was a great experience for Studeo. They are a very professional organisation who have a great understanding of the needs of independent artists. They include some great prizes along with their awards including mentors.....they took the time to research our music and focus on our needs...."
Portrait of Studeo, winner of InterContinental Music Awards 2021, posing for their award
ICMA 2021 Winner - Australia
"An absolute amazing experience with the opportunity to meet great pleople and get connected all over the world!"
InterContinental Music Awards 2020 winners, lars fiero, portrait
Lars Fiero
ICMA 2020 Winner - Germany

So, What Are The InterContinental Music Awards?

The InterContinental Music Awards are a Los Angeles-based music competition that annually rewards and recognizes musical talent worldwide.

The awards program is open to musicians worldwide, who compete with their peers in geographic regions and in over 145 music genres.

To-date, ICMA has recognized over 220 talented musicians in over 35 countries. Winners benefit from the educational and promotional opportunities that ICMA provides, enabling them to advance their music careers.

ICMA's By The Numbers

🎵 45 Nationalities Participated 

🎵 68 Nominees in 2021

🎵 29 Winners in 2021

🎵 60 Scholarship Grants Awarded in 2021

Meet Our Judges

The InterContinental Music Awards brings together judges from all over the world! This means when you submit your music to the ICMAs, it’s being heard by talent that has written and produced for artists such as Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Bella Thorn, Nelly Furtado, Westlife, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin and many more GRAMMY nominated artists! Some of our judging panel members are also talented musicians and song writers with long and success careers in the industry. What are you waiting for? Submit your music today and be heard by some of the best!

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