Portrait of Dee & d'Z, winner of InterContinental Music Awards 2023, posing for their award

Dee & d’Z

InterContinental Music Awards Winner

2023 – Best of Europe | European Jazz

Dee & d’Z is a new songwriting duo that loves to create energetic music with positive lyrics about universal themes. Back in 2020, Austrian singer/songwriter Bernadette Dengler (Dee) teamed up with Dutch drummer/composer/producer/songwriter Hans-Peter de Zeeuw (d’Z). The first time they met to write a song together, there was no doubt this collaboration would last. Soon after Dee and d’Z finished writing some tunes, the two went to the recording studio to capture the music with the help of some wonderful, talented musicians.

The creations of Dee & d’Z describe themselves as positive Nu-Jazz. Played by real musicians, the songs get a live feeling in the tradition of Gregory Porter, Jamie Cullum, Earth, Wind & Fire, and Steely Dan.