InterContinental Music Awards Competition 2024

The most inclusive & diverse music competition in Los Angeles

InterContinental Music Awards, It's Your Time To Shine!

Welcome to the InterContinental Music Awards, your gateway to global recognition and a platform where your musical talent shines. Our music competition is designed to celebrate the diversity of music, nurture emerging artists, and provide a launchpad for your dreams.

Our mission is to provide a global stage for musicians, singers, and composers to showcase their passion for music, get the recognition that they deserve and connect with a diverse community of music enthusiasts.

Ready to embark on your musical journey and gain international recognition? Submit your music today!

Meet Our 2023 Winners

Why InterContinental Music Awards?

  • Global Recognition: We take pride in being an international platform that recognizes and celebrates musical talent worldwide.

  • Diverse Genres: From classical symphonies to contemporary pop hits, we welcome a wide range of musical genres. It’s our belief that diversity enhances the richness of our musical tapestry.

  • Expert Judging Panel: Our judging panel consists of seasoned professionals, industry veterans, and renowned artists who understand the intricacies of music and can provide valuable feedback to winners.

  • Opportunities and Prizes: We offer not only the opportunity to showcase your talent but also the chance to win prestigious awards and prizes. This can be a significant stepping stone in your musical career.

  • Community and Networking: Our platform connects you with fellow musicians, music lovers, and industry experts, creating a supportive community where you can grow and learn.


The 2024 Finalists will be announced on June 30th 2024!

The 2024 Finalists Have Been Announced!

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