InterContinental Music Awards gathers judges from around the world with exposure to various international music markets. They will evaluate each submission based on innovation, production, and overall quality as well as cultural footprint of submitted tracks among other artistic considerations. Our judges will look forward to your music and will make sure a fair assessment is provided to your own benefit.

Philip Garcia

TV/Film Music Producer, Content Creator

Rachel Mason

Multi award winning songwriter, international vocal judge

Alan Roy Scott

Industry expert, professional songwriter for over 35 years

Dan Kimpel

American media's foremost authorities


Artist, Songwriter and Producer, Grammy Voting Member

Sotiris Chrysanthou

Music Composer and Visual Performing Artist

Shahed Mohseni

Award wining world music producer, industry mentor

Suzan Koc

Songwriter, A&R with 3 decades of bringing out the hit songs

Robin Sandoval

Published songwriter, singer and Latin percussionist

Ricardo Padua

Music Producer, Publisher & Artist Developer

Lucy Monciel

World music producer and songwriter

Fred Nowshad

Orchestra Conductor, Composer and music mentor

Maria Di Cara

Vocalist, Vocal producer & engineer at Native Instruments
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