Portrait of Farid Hamedi, winner of InterContinental Music Awards 2022, posing for their award

Farid Hamedi

InterContinental Music Awards Winner

2022 – Best of Middle East | Art Music

Since the age of 17, he has pursued his passion for music, performing concerts across Iran. At 19, he published his first book and went on to study graphic design. He founded his own company, Picado, and has designed over 500 music albums. His posters have been exhibited in international festivals, and he served as an artistic adviser for the UN in 2014.

Farid produces and directs video-arts, including award-winning works like “The Smoke and the Dream”. He is a composer and has won several music awards, including a gold medal at the Intercontinental Music Awards in 2022. He holds a Master of Art degree from BGSU University and an honorary doctorate from Newport University.