Portrait of Sara Reus, winner of InterContinental Music Awards 2022, posing for their award

Sara Reus​

InterContinental Music Awards Winner

2022 – Best of Europe | European Pop/Rock​

Sara Reus was born on April 14, 1984, in the Balearic Islands, and has been passionate about music since she was a child. Coming from a family of musicians, she performed as a dancer, guitarist, and singer in a Mallorcan folk group called “Grup Airós.” However, Sara’s true passion was composing and singing, and she has been doing so since she was 12 years old. With an EP titled “Pinceladas” (2019) and two albums, “A mi manera” (2015) and “Por amor al arte” (2019), Sara has become a well-known singer-songwriter. Her latest album won the 2020 Enderrock award for Best Album in a non-Catalan language.

Sara’s music style is difficult to label, and she prefers that others categorize it. She holds a degree in Sound Technology and, due to her love for music, decided to pursue it on stage or behind it. Sara has collaborated with other artists, including Luis Correas, Miquel Roldán, and Toñi Requena, and composed the song “Volver a casa” for the movie “Retorno” with Rubén Gallardo. Sara’s dedication to gender equality and women’s rights has earned her recognition from the NGO Mujeres en Igualdad. Although she does not have a record label or production company, Sara’s music can be found on Jamboo Agency and Cultural-ment’s artist roster, and she is currently working on new projects.