Portrait of Shiha Zikir, winner of InterContinental Music Awards 2021, posing for their award

Shiha Zikir

InterContinental Music Awards Winner

2021 – Best of Asia | Asian Pop

Shiha Zikir is a versatile entertainer known for her singing, acting, and hosting skills. She gained recognition as the runner-up in the Mentor 5 reality singing competition. Shiha sings in multiple languages, including Malay, English, Chinese, Tamil, Hindustani, Korean, and Arabic.

Her powerful voice shines in traditional Malay melodies, Malaysian Asli songs, and Indonesian Dangdut music. With five albums and nine singles released, her latest work is the 2021 album “Irama.” Shiha has received numerous awards throughout her career, including four nominations at the AME 2021 awards and the prestigious Top MeleTOP award.