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InterContinental Concerts are concert series that value diversity and promote unity among all people on earth. The primary goal is to bring together artists from around the world to showcase ethnic instruments, music styles and cultures also demonstrate how PEACE, LOVE and LIFE can be communicated through the language of music. Since 2011, we featured artists from East Asia to Mediterranean Rim, Africa, Europe, North and South America. 

We showcase music from

all around the globe

Artists from 45 nationalities have performed at InterContinental Concerts

Building on a well-received and very successful concert series, we continue to develop relationships and create opportunities for collaboration with international artists. The power and effect of communication in today’s world is significant, this way we aimed high by giving opportunities artists, ensembles and band anywhere in the world the chance to present their culture and music through virtual concerts!  




There are enormous scientific references that elaborate on the importance of art products on the daily basis life of the people. Hence, InterContinental Concerts makes scientific, well-educated choices whenever a product is to be released to ensure the product’s positive impacts.

Conference Paper, Nov 2020: The conference paper “The impact of intercontinental concerts in promoting harmony and sympathy development among people ” present the findings and observation of InterContinental previous Theme Concerts.

EupRA Conference, Dec 2013: The other example of the InterContinental Concerts scientific initiative is the EuPRA Conference that elaborates on the impact of cross-cultural, multinational art performances in spreading peace and love among human beings.

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Artists from 45 nationalities have performed at InterContinental Concerts

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