EuPRA Conference

The 8th Annual International Peace Conference, “Building Positive Peace in Europe and Its Neighborhood,” was organized by the European Peace Association (EuPRA) and was hosted by the Eastern Mediterranean University. The conference was organized in eight sessions with participation by scientists from over 20 different countries. Professor Dr. Norton Mezvinsky, the president of USA international Middle East studies council and Professor Dr. Hanne-Margret Birckenbach from Justus Liebig University in Germany were two of the featured speakers.

The executives of the Inter-Continental Concerts (ICC) also participated in this conference. They explained their approach to peace building through artistic collaboration. Developing friendships among people from different cultures increases the potential for empathy. Strong bonds between people with different backgrounds is the surest way to build and maintain peace.

November – 2013

"You guys are treasure! You already developed peace."
"'I haven't ever seen such project. I'm proud of you!"