InterContinental Music Awards music judge, Lucy Monciel, portrait

Lucy Monciel

InterContinental Music Awards Judge

World music producer, Singer/Songwriter

Lucy wants to live in a world filled with classical and exotic instruments brought together by a perpetual ocean breeze. She believes in old values and the freedom to make the world a happy and palpitating place for everyone.

Lucy Monciel is a new singer songwriter from Romania that loves to mix pop genre with music influences from around the glob. She doesn’t commit to a single country, as Lucy believes in the universality of the music, in its power to educate, touch and change hearts. That is also the direction of her music.

Lucy began her music career in Romania at 9 years old where she performed on several occasions covers for school events in Italian, German, English and Romanian. Her taste in music was largely influenced by her exposure to Italian, French, British And Romanian classical and pop culture as well as Asian instrumental music. Later on she moved to America for advanced studies in Business. Here she had the opportunity to perform live with several bands popular songs of pop-rock genre in various local pubs of LA. While looking for her style and trademark, Lucy developed a passion for songwriting. In order to pursue her music dreams, she pursued music studies at MI and is working on her new EP “360 Shades of Blue”.

She released her first “Tahitian Blue” in October 2015 to celebrate the analogy between extreme surfing and love. Her inspiration was the most dangerous wave in world Teohihuapu located in Tahiti and the island culture.

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