InterContinental Music Awards music judge, Philip Garcia, portrait

Philip Garcia

InterContinental Music Awards Former Judge

TV/Film Music Producer, Content Creator

Los Angeles based content creator and music producer, Philip Garcia started his music career at age 8, learning music from his dad who is a music teacher. Known for his great ear, Philip has been producing music for TV/Film, artists, and brands for the past 16 years. His credits include NBC, Warner Bros, MTV, Fox, Miramax, and countless Grammy nominees. He founded VisionQuest Sound in 2010 and has been instrumental in helping artists and brands to develop their vision and share their stories to the world. Philip now leads his video production team of cinematographers and creatives in LA.

“We’re here to connect with people, capture the stories that matter, and create value for the artist. We are well partnered with a network of world-class session musicians, vocal coaches, and creators. Our creative services include: video production, social media ads, acoustic recording, mixing, mastering, music production, and location sound. VisionQuest Sound is constantly growing, partnering, and learning from other small businesses in our LA community. I believe through teamwork, we grow stronger.”