InterContinental Music Awards music judge, sotiris chrysanthou, portrait

Sotiris Chrysanthou

InterContinental Music Awards Judge

Music Composer and Visual Performing Artist

Sotiris Chrysanthou is a  Musician, Visual and Performing Artist . He was born in 1989 and raised in a musical environment, in Cyprus, and from the age of four he started to play the piano and violin. He performed classical music but also Greek folk music in various events, not only in UK but Worldwide. He studied classical music with honours and graduated in 2011 in London , UK.

 In September 2011 he started his first Masters Degree in Performance and Visual Practices in the University of Brighton and graduated in 2012  with Merit , followed by his second Masters Degree in Music Composition for Film and Television in 2013.Since then he was teaching Music (Piano , Vocals and Theory of Music) in different countries such as Cyprus , Greece , UK , Australia and USA . He also composes Music for various Theater plays and Short films. In 2015 he was a Vocal Coach and choreographer in The Musical Kids, a talent show for the National Television of Cyprus.