Portrait of Sangeeta Kaur, winner of InterContinental Music Awards 2021, posing for their award

Sangeeta Kaur

InterContinental Music Awards Winner

2021 – Best of Pangaea | New Age

Sangeeta Kaur, 2021 InterContinental Music Awards and ¬†Grammy winner Vietnamese American singer, artist, and producer, is known for her powerful vocals and diverse musical styles. Her work spans genres like Classical, New Age, Contemporary, and Spiritual. She recently became a governor of the Grammy Recording Academy’s Texas Chapter.

With degrees in Opera Performance and Vocal Performance, Sangeeta’s music is influenced by spiritual mantra and yogic practices. She aims to create music that brings joy and transformation. Sangeeta has released five acclaimed albums, including “Niguma” and “MYTHOLOGIES,” earning her a Grammy nomination as the first Vietnamese American singer in the Best Classical Solo Vocal Album category.