finalist Award Plaque

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Showcase your honor!

Congratulations! being the Finalist of the InterContinental Music Awards is a remarkable achievement! This honor speaks about your talent, hard work and dedication. As the InterContinental Music Awards’ Finalist, not only you receive the certificate and have your name online on the winner’s page but also you are eligible to order the Finalist’s Award Plaque with a small fee. This award is a handcrafted 9×12 inches plaque built with solid wooden frame with black finish and ICMA’s gorgeous design that makes this Nomination absolutely stunning and unique.  This is the best way to showcase your achievement in your studio, office or even home and inspire others!

How to order?

  1. All the authors, musicians/producers who contributed to the winning song are eligible to receive a finalist plaque. Thus you’re able to order several award plaque if nessesary.
  2. Please choose the proper shipping option and move forward by carefully filling out the shipping address, the quantity and your best email address. 
  3. After completing the payment process, our office will contact you in order to confirm the information that will go on the Award Plaque. 
  4. Then the production process begins and we will ship it to you!   

International Shipping

$195 Winner Award Plaque + $50 Shipping & Handling Fee

Total = $245

USA Shipping

$195 Winner Award Plaque + $30 Shipping & Handling Fee 

Total = $225