Indian music culture and famous musician

Indian music is performed in a variety of styles such as folk classical music as well as pop music rock music.

India has a large population of talented musicians due to its large population

It is also very interesting that music is intertwined with people’s daily lives and shows their music in all the films.

The history of Indian musical traditions, including folk and popular music, goes back more than 5 years

And it is one of the oldest historical traditions of its kind. Original Indian music


In the twelfth and sixteenth centuries AD, it developed two separate traditions.

Korna Singh music from South India and Indian music from North India (an area that now includes Pakistan).

Northern Music Centers were in the prince’s court, while Southern music was played in temples.

The music of this region absorbed many elements of Iranian music.

South Indian music evolved more in its own way than the northern ones.

In the nineteenth century with British domination over India, authentic North Indian music was still played at the courts for a limited audience of the privileged class.

But this aristocratic backdrop declined in the twentieth century with India’s transition from British colonialism to the pursuit of independence.

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In 1947 – Year of Indian Independence. Many musicians lost their jobs, and that was the time

Around 600 rulers, counted as political units, disappeared all over India and merged into their neighboring territories.

Indian performers sought popular support, which was what European musicians had done in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

Today, the works and performances of Indian musicians have been broadcast on television and radio

It is recorded on the screen and tape, and some also make movie music.

Some teach colleges or public concerts or lectures.

Many Indian artists around the world are touring and performing concerts today.

Famous Indian musicians:


Ustad Bismillah Khan

A spectacular shehnai player. Master Bismillah Khan, who was a sand musician. He played this instrument very beautifully, so the sound of it was part of Master Basmullah Khan’s existence. He is considered a myth in Indian music for the people of India and has performed at the country’s largest celebrations such as India’s first Independence Day.



Ravi Shankar (born 1925)

one of the most important Indian musicians, says: Man can reach God through music.

One of the most influential and influential Indian musicians in the country is Ravi Shankar who has a great share in Indian classical music. He was a guitar player and all his music had a huge impact on the people of India and even the world. In his lifetime he received the highest civilian award in India for magnificent music.

Hariprasad Chaurasia

One of the greatest Indian music myths that beautifully played the bamboo flute.

He was born in an unusual family, unlike other Indian music lovers. His father was a skilled wrestler and was keen to pursue music.

He loved music, and this made him rise up against his father and secretly pursue classical music.

This spiritual emphasis is also reflected in South Indian song texts, which have religious themes. Indian musicians, Guru

Pierre – Teacher) honors themselves as the representative of the holy world. When the guru accepts a newcomer,

The ritual usually begins with a special initiative of the mystery. From then on, newcomers are expected to entrust their existence to the guru.

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Breast-to-Breast Musical Traditions From Teacher to Novice Just by imitation and not by reading books or notes

He learns his lessons. Transferred. For example, Indian music learners imitate teachers in their lessons

And sing or play in their performance on the same basis. Although there are various systems for writing music in India

But these practices only represent the main melodic and rhythmic elements.

The elaborate method of spreading these elements – basic decorations and musical intricacies – cannot be written and must be learned by the teacher.



Improvisation plays an important role in Indian music. Cultures, where improvisation is so sophisticated and sophisticated, are few.

The complex melodic and rhythmic systems governing the selection of sounds, ornaments, and rhythms point the way to improvisation.

Young musicians before being allowed to improvise

They have to spend years training and practicing for hours on a daily basis.

Improvisation is often performed by a soloist or singer, accompanied by a drum.

These improvisations can be found all over India

And depending on the occasion and mood of the performers and listeners for a few minutes

It can take up to several hours. Improvisation can be vocal or vocal.

Indian music is one of the most powerful and historic music in the world and has great musicians. Indian musicians have always participated in major festivals and won many awards.

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