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InterContinental Music Awards Judge

Artist, Songwriter and Producer, Dolby Atmos Certified Mixing Engineer, Grammy Voting Member

Flaviyake (aka Duck The Bass) is a record label owner, Pop and EDM producer, songwriter, DJ and Grammy NEXT alumni  with releases on prominent dance music labels such as Acapulco Music, Blanco y Negro, United Music Hits and SoundEvolution.  Flaviyake is Originally from Moldova, she started her music career by studying the flute and piano at the Sergey Rachmaninov School of Music in Chișinău at the age of 6 and she wrote her first song for vocal and piano at the age of 10. Since 2014, Flaviya is based in Los Angeles.

Flaviya started performing her original songs in clubs at the age of 16. Later she had over 100 live shows in London and her song “Because I’m a Doll” played on BBC6 Music Radio after making it though their weekly contest.

In 2017, Flaviya released her debut album that hit #1 on Indie Chart, NewshineFM radio, with the album opening song “So Hard to Say”. She produced the first 7 songs of the album. The song stayed #1 on the radio for 3 weeks and as result got remixed my Mexican Pop producer and songwriter Ricardo Producer and released as a duet.

In 2018, Flaviya took a new direction in her career and started performing with a very unique custom-made controller for light programming and sound effects that is the only one model in the world.

As a songwriter, Flaviya has written songs for numerous artists and producers in Japan, Russia, Australia and the USA. Her song “Lonely Seal” became an anthem for a Californian marine mammal rescue center. In 2017, she voted for the first time at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards.