Maria Di Cara

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Maria Di Cara

InterContinental Music Awards Judge

Vocalist, Vocal producer & engineer at Native Instruments

Maria Di Cara is a professional vocalist, vocal producer, audio engineer, songwriter, dj and performer. Maria studied opera & foreign languages in Florence Italy under Monica Benvenuti (Former Instructor of Andrea Bocelli) and thereafter obtained a Degree in Musical Theater at SUNY Rockland. Maria also completed her studies in Audio Engineering at Musicians Institute in Hollywood with scholarship honors.

Maria has worked and performed with artists such as David Pepin Musical Director of ‘Wicked’ & ‘Rent’ on Broadway, as well as Grammy winning Producer JD Aguilar MD Coordinator for ‘Cocoa’ ‘Moana’ & ‘Mary Poppins’, she has also sung with acts such as Macy Gray, KSHMR, Vincent Herbert, Afroman, Sean Paul, the NFL’s Sean Merriman, Eric B & Ra-Kim, Darius McCray, Guns N Roses, Korn, and more.
Maria currently resides in Hollywood and produces Vocal Sample Libraries monthly for Native Instruments on, under her alias ‘Queen Chameleon Vocalist’ for her unusual ability to master vocal sound of all genres. She is their Top featured supplier for Vocal Samples, and is currently pursuing her solo project, and voiceover work career as well. Maria also DJ’s for Electric Entertainment and has been known as a renowned DJ in the wedding business of the Los Angeles CA, and Greater NYC areas.
Maria was also featured in this years past issue of Music Connection for her Sample Library “Voices Of the Gods”, article written and praised by Grammy Winning Engineer Barry Rudolph. She has also been featured in NYC All Access, EDM World Magazine, Indie Nation, Reverbnation, and more for her solo Pop EDM songs. She has also worked at the American Musical Dramatic Academy otherwise known as AMDA for the past 7 years, hosting auditions, traveling and interviewing students all around the world for admission to this prestigious Performing Arts College.
Maria can sing in up to 14 languages and sings in all styles of music from the blues to opera, rap, world, fantasy themes, rock, etc. but pop is her all time favorite. She is also a member of the SCL Society of Composers and Lyricists, and she has worked for companies in the past such as Neve, Advanced Events Productions, Vox DJs, and E! Entertainment, TLC, CW11, & more. She has trained vocalists of all ages and cultural backgrounds using her exclusive approaches and techniques for healthy and technically competitive singers.
Maria is very excited to be a judge for Intercontinental Concerts and eager to hear the talent onboard!