InterContinental Music Awards music judge, robin sandoval, portrait

Robin Sandoval

InterContinental Music Awards Judge

Published songwriter, singer, GRAMMY® Voting member and Latin percussionist

Robin Sandoval is a published songwriter, singer and Latin percussionist who took her childhood dreams of being a pop artist/songwriter into the thick of the industry; moving from San Jose to Los Angeles in the 90’s. It was there she launched, urban girl music through BMI. Within her first year, she landed a release on MCA Records, entitled “Leaves of Love” for John Pagano’s freshman album, “Masculinity.”

By integrating both contemporary and vintage sounds, Robin creates fresh styles of melody and lyrics. Her extensive background in writing and recording with both major and indie artists have helped hone her skills for today’s music industry. Her recording studio operates out of North Los Angeles. Robin has an extensive catalog of original material available in various genres including: Alt Pop, Pop Rock, R&B/Pop, Neo-Soul, EDM, Electronic Pop, Soul and Pop Country.

Whether working with new or established artists or producers; Robin has become recognized for her fast, efficient and creative melody line development, lyrics, vocals and topline skills.

Along with songs available in her growing catalog for sync licensing and artist use, she is available in person or online for song development, collaboration, vocals and production. Look out for her soon-to-be-released singles coming in Fall of 2018!