Shahed Mohseni

Founder, director and member of the judging panel of the InterContinental Music Awards

Shahed Mohseni, the founder/executive director of the InterContinental Music Awards is a Los Angeles Based award winning multi-cultural music and media producer. He is also a music industry mentor, inventor and entrepreneur.

Shahed discovered his music talent at early age by learning playing “Santur” (Iranian Instrument). Soon after, he discovered a special interest in music composition as well as audio recording. Besides music, Shahed also has recorded several patents and won various awards in science too.

Living in multicultural environments (Mediterranean and California) and collaborate with talented artists from different cultures, inspired him a lot. This was his motivation of producing InterContinental Concerts Series since 2011.

Shahed worked with 145 artists and crew from 45 nationalities (from East-Asia to Mediterranean Rim, Europe, Africa and America) and produced award wining music tracks as well as successful concerts in Mediterranean and United States.

Music Connection Magazine featured Shahed as multi-talented DIY artists in Jan 2017. Also placed him into the 2016’s Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists.

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