Shahed Mohseni

Founder of InterContinental Music Awards

Shahed Mohseni Zonooziย is an award winning multi-cultural music/media producer, inventor and entrepreneur from Iran (base in LA since 2016) and he is the founder, director and producer of InterContinental Concerts Organization.

Playing the Santoor by the age of eight, his musical talent was apparent from an early age. Soon after, he picked up a special interest in music composition and audio recording. As a Maestro, he has recorded several patents and won various festival prizes for invention and innovation up to age of 18.

At the age of 18 he started his higher education in four different fields. Information Technology as his academic major, Music Composition, Sound Engineering and Video Production. He graduated from Southern Cross University of Australia in Computer Engineering and completed two master degrees in Information Systems and Visual Arts at Eastern Mediterranean University in Cyprus.

By living in a multicultural environment in Cyprus and observing talented people from different nationalities with different cultures and skills, he opted to create a media program designed in an artistic form to accommodate diverse skills and talents in the arts. This culminated in the establishment of InterContinental Concerts Organization in 2011. InterContinental Concerts (ICC) is a multimedia production organization that produces music, live concerts, performance videos and feature films. ICC values diversity and promotes unity among all people on earth with the primary goal of bringing together artists from around the world to participate in various productions and projects. This international collaboration also demonstrated how PEACE, LOVE and LIFE can be communicated through the language of music.

Since 2011, Shahed worked with 145 artists and crew from 45 nationalities (from East-Asia to Mediterranean Rim, Europe, Africa and America) and produced award wining music tracks as well as successful concerts in Cyprus and US.

Shahed received several music awards from California and Nashville including medallions from Global Music Awards, International Songwriting Competitionโ€™s winner award and recognized as world-beat artist of the year 2017 by Akademia Music Awards. Music Connection Magazine featured Shahed as multi-talented DIY artists in Jan 2017 and also placed him into the 2016โ€™s Hot 100 Live Unsigned Artists.

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