Merry M

Executive Assistant, Host of the Star🌟Spot​​

Merry is the executive assistant and the host of the InterContinental Music Awards’ Star🌟Spot live interviews, focuses on sharing the experiences and stories of well-known musicians. 

Among the many people that Merry interviews are Dan Kimpel, one of the most respected figures in American media, Juliet Lyons and Flaviyake, Grammy voting members, Rachel Mason, an international judge for the entertainment industry, Sangeeta Kaur, a 2022 Grammy Award-winning Vietnamese-American singer, Shalev Alon, a mixing engineer best known for his work on the music for Marvel and Star Wars Shows, and many others. 

Merry coms from Middle East, born in a historic and cultural environment. She has always been passionate about film and music, and literally every single event that is related to this world. The first steps that eventually led her into the entertainment industry were actively following the news and interviews about singers and celebrities. 

In addition to her personality and passion, Merry has a nice background in English literature and American culture, which gives her a broad understanding of interpersonal relationships and cultural awareness.