Hear from our winners:

Mauve - Canada

Mithun Hariharan - Netherland

Zanity - USA


“This is a great opportunity for up-and-coming artists to get their music professionally evaluated, recognized and awarded by judges with reputation around the world” – Music Connection Feb 2019

“a music award without borders, a music award that unites all continents, a music award dedicated to all artists” – Music Connection Sep 2019


“This is a revolution in music industry as this is the first award that recognizes artists the proper way by giving them the acknowledgement and support they need, crediting their cultural or ethnical background that makes their music so unique.”

 ABC7 News July 2019

"InterContinental Concerts presents one of the most complex productions I’ve seen in a while. It’s also very inspirational, presenting songs that celebrate love, peace and unity. Utilizing a multi-media presentation that includes videos, live interaction and musical performances from a variety of international artist. Indeed, the whole package is impressive."

Bernard Baur
Musicians Institute-Hollywood

"A heartfelt and courageous initiative"

Steve Robertson
Founder Project Peace On Earth
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