Hear from our participants:

Mauve - Canada

Mithun Hariharan - Netherland

Zanity - USA

I'm super excited about a special prize that I have received as a winner. An offer to remix one of my songs and I'm really excited about it. A huge thank you to the ICMA team.
InterContinental Music Awards 2020 winners, lily stockwell, portrait
Lily Stockwell
Singer/Songwriter - USA
I'm very excited and happy about this and I just wanted to say thank you so so much to InterContinental Music Awards and to all the judges.
InterContinental Music Awards 2020 winners, jhay, portrait
Singer/Songwriter - Sweden
Even though my music didn't place as the winner still it's a great honor for me to participate in the InterContinental Music Awards
Jeffrey Tay
Singer/Songwriter - China
I'm so honored and so grateful to receive this award and this means a lot to me. I would especially like to thank Mr. Mohseni for arranging all this even during the Covid19. Thank all the judges who are so hard-working and so cooperative and especially the ICMA team who has always been with me throughout my journey. I would like to dedicate this award to my mom and my brother who are so supportive and thank you everyone and love you all.
InterContinental Music Awards 2020 winners, muskan, portrait
Singer - India
In the personal mentoring as an extra prize we could get some quite new viewpoints to improve our future activities. We appreciate InterContinental Music Awards.
InterContinental Music Awards winner 2019, nadoka, band picture
Drum & Bass Band - Japan


“This is a great opportunity for up-and-coming artists to get their music professionally evaluated, recognized and awarded by judges with reputation around the world” – Music Connection Feb 2019

InterContinental Music Awards - announcement in the music connection magazine

“a music award without borders, a music award that unites all continents, a music award dedicated to all artists” – Music Connection Sep 2019

InterContinental Music Awards - announcement in the music connection magazine


“This is a revolution in music industry as this is the first award that recognizes artists the proper way by giving them the acknowledgement and support they need, crediting their cultural or ethnical background that makes their music so unique.”

 ABC7 News July 2019

InterContinental Music Awards - announcement in abc 7 news

“Over the past decade, the organization recognized music talents from different countries. InterContinental Music Awards (ICMA) is committed to support and promote good music and talented musicians.”

 FOX News July 2020

intercontinental music awards in press

"InterContinental Concerts presents one of the most complex productions I’ve seen in a while. It’s also very inspirational, presenting songs that celebrate love, peace and unity. Utilizing a multi-media presentation that includes videos, live interaction and musical performances from a variety of international artist. Indeed, the whole package is impressive."

Bernard Baur
Musicians Institute-Hollywood

"A heartfelt and courageous initiative"

Steve Robertson
Founder Project Peace On Earth