2023 Winners Announced!

The InterContinental Music Awards Announces 76 Worldwide Winners and a Promising ICon: Anslom

The Global Awards Show Live Streamed Worldwide

Los Angeles (August 30, 2023) – Musical artists and their fans all around the world gathered online last Sunday for the 11th Annual InterContinental Music Awards, a Los Angeles-based competition that recognizes musical works worldwide, from 36 countries, across 7 continents. The goal of the InterContinental Music Awards (aka the “ICMAs”) is to bring people together through music, celebrating talents from around the world and helping artists grow in their careers. You can find the complete list of this year’s 76 winners on the official website:


“Music has the incredible power to bridge divides and unite us all. At the InterContinental Music Awards, we’re not just celebrating melodies; we’re harmonizing hearts and inspiring a global symphony of unity.”

Shahed Mohseni, Founder & Executive Director

Shahed Mohseni and Karen Lorre presenting the 2023 InterContinental Music Awards online ceremony. Both are dressed in formal attire, in ICMAs office.

Karen Lorre and Shahed Mohseni

The ICMAs were presented live on Zoom led by ICMA Founder and Executive Director Shahed Mohseni and actress/author/Coach Karen Lorre along with host of the Star Spot, Merry. Winners invited to share their acceptance speeches live, a unique opportunity for recognition and global exposure. Entries are grouped by geographical continent or region and then by music type. A team of judges, including specialists from Hollywood’s music, entertainment, film, and media sectors, assessed the songs. They examined aspects such as the song’s originality, message, melody, harmony, composition, and production quality.

Anslom, the internationally acclaimed independent Reggae artist from Papua New Guinea, has been honored with this year’s ICon Award, accompanied by a $1,000 Cash Award. The ICon Award, likened to a ‘Best in Show’, is selected by the Jury Panel from among the pool of Continental Winners.

ICon Award

Anslom’s victory with his Reggae track “Love Me Again” is matched by his reputation as a philanthropist. He is notably known for founding the Anslom Foundation, aimed at providing educational resources and interfaith support across Papua New Guinea. His profound impact on both the realm of music and society at large solidifies his status as an icon deserving of this prestigious recognition.

Outstanding Excellence Awards

This year ICMAs also presented an award named “Outstanding Excellence” dedicated to the recording labels that have provided an array of exceptionally talented artists and an impressive body of work. This segment is a celebration of the visionary labels that work diligently behind the scenes, assembling an impressive collection of artists and music. Spotted Peccary Music and Music For Love Organization were recognized as the winners.

ICMA Winners receive valuable career-enhancing rewards, including a scholarship to the DIY Music School’s Music Industry Online Course offered by ICMAs. They also get the opportunity for personalized coaching sessions with esteemed members of the judging panel, an exclusive feature on the Star Spot, promotional support from ICMA, and an official award certificate.

Musicians, producers, performers, record labels, and songwriters who are interested can participate in the 2024 InterContinental Music Awards. The awards are now open for online submissions at a discounted “early bird” rate. Here is he submission form: https://www.submit.intercontinentalmusicawards.com/


About the InterContinental Music Awards

The InterContinental Music Awards, , acknowledged by the City of Los Angeles, is an annual event that recognizes and celebrates outstanding achievements in the global music industry. With a commitment to honoring creativity, innovation, unity, peace and excellence, the awards showcase the diverse talents that enrich our musical landscape. Winners benefit from the educational and promotional opportunities that ICMA provides, enabling them to advance their music careers. https://www.intercontinentalmusicawards.com/music-competition/

2023 InterContinental Music Awards Winners 

(Listed by Continent, with Song, Artist, Country of origin, and genre) 


“Gimme Love” by Matt B – United States  (African Pop)

“Isencane” by Platform One – South Africa (African Pop)

“4 You” by  Mt Boi  – Nigeria – African (RnB/Soul)

“Mudzimu Wangu Chirega Chinya (feat. Mbira DzeNharira and Bereka)” by Mbira Spirit – Canada (Jit)


“Godwink” by Amy McAllister  – United States (Alternative)

“Skeletons” by Damian Wyldes – United States (Alternative)

“Cold Day in Hell” by Justine Blazer – United States (Blues)

“The Story Monster Theme Song” by Studio Studio Story Monster  – United States (Children’s Song)

“Soaring” by  Ed Bazel – United States (Contemporary Instrumental)

“The Storm” by Kitt Wakeley  – United States (Contemporary Instrumental)

“Gabriela” by Omar Sicilia – United States (Country)

“Why The Hell Knot” by Poppyiris  – United States (Country)

“We Fall Down” by The Heritage  – United States (Folk)

“Across the Universe” by Heerraa – Malaysia (Funk)

“Forgive Me (feat. Che Casibang, Lalaine Enriquez, Ria Villena-Osorio & Mike Villegas)” by Girlie Vasallo – Canada (Gospel/Contemporary Christian)

“Armor” by Mo Dinka – United States (Gospel/Contemporary Christian)

“He’s The One” by BEERANDFLIES – United States (Jazz)

“Verona Waltz” by Charu Suri – United States (Jazz)

“Más Más” by Yeisy Rojas  – Norway (Latin Folk)

“Te Marchaste” by Yeisy Rojas  – Norway (Latin Folk)

“Amor Perdido (feat. Bucharest All-Star Orchestra)” by  Russ Hewitt – United States (Latin Fusion)

“Dirty mind love” by Miriammar – United States (Latin Music)

“Puntos Medios” by Pablo Santé – Mexico (Latin Music)

“The Cost of War” by Brian Eisenberg – United States (Musical Theater)

“Resurgence” by Steven Newton – United Kingdom (Native American Music)

“Safety Zone Of Love” by  Dora – Serbia (Pop)

“Machine” by Jehan – United States (Pop)

“Flirting With My Feelings” by Marissa Lynn Hernandez – United States (Pop)

“Machine” by Meg Pfeiffer & Luca Stricagnoli  – United States (Pop)

“Dame una razón” by Omar Sicilia – United States (Pop)

“Intuition” by Asta – Taiwan (R&B)

“Down Bad” by Gavrielle Sween (Miss Gavri) – United States (R&B)

“I’m Here With You” by Matt B – United States (R&B)

“The Rebellion” by Ari – United States (Rap)

“Happy Family (feat. 5forty2 & The Real Masta Clan)” by Namewee – Malaysia (Rap)

“Love me again” by Anslom  – Papua New Guinea (Reggae)

“Ghost Island (feat. Dwagie)” by Namewee – Malaysia (Reggae)

“Stairway To Heaven” by Kitt Wakeley  – United States (Rock)

“I Do What I Want” by Meg Pfeiffer & Luca Stricagnoli  – United States (Rock)

“Under the dancing moon, Under the singing sky” by Yulia – United States (Smooth Jazz)


“Tamil Engal Uyir Moochu (Welcome Theme Song for Tamizhan Awards)” by S. J. Jananiy – India (Asian Folk)

“Rudra (feat. Naveen Kumar & Guy Bernfeld)” by Siddharth Nagarajan – India (Asian Jazz & Crossover)

“Hope” by Rohith & Amritha – India (Asian Pop)

“Kar Gaya Khwaab” by Madhumita Chatterjee – United States (Hindustani)


“Polie” by Ayn-J – France (European Alternative)

“Ladscape (feat.Erin Ezekiel)” by Agito Maruyama – Japan (European Electronic & Techno)

“The birth of the sun” by Tamar aladashvili – Georgia (European Folk)

“Holygraphic” by OVISION – United States (European Hip-Hop)

“Song of Sun” by Roc Flowers – United States (European Hip-Hop)

“Flow” by Dee & d’Z – Netherlands (European Jazz)

“Forget You” by Roc Flowers – United States (Europop)

“Peace” by Vanessa Mini – Italy (Europop)

“El Aguacero” by Yannick Corre – Spain (Flamenco)

“Aria Passion” by George Voukanos – Greece (Fusion)

Middle East

“Tolerance” by Ihab Darwish – United Arab Emirates (Art Music)

“An Epitaph on the Tomb of Companions” by Mehdi Rajabian – Iran (Art Music)

“Children Of Conflict-Lost Innocence” by Peter Xifaras – United States (Art Music)

“Come Together – Asere Que Bola” by Khaled  (Cheb Khaled) – United States (Fusion Music)


“Amethyst of Avalon” by Christina Tourin – United Kingdom (Ambient)

“Ambient Inspiration” by Stanislav Barantsov – Ukraine (Ambient)

“Amore Profondo” by Carlo Ayhllón – Classic – Mexico (Classic)

“The Grey Havens” by Giovanni D’Aquila – Classic – Italy (Classic)

“Ionic Realms [Victronomy Plubonius]” by Desensitized – United States (Experimental Music)

“Cool Down” by Aakasha – United States (New Age)

“Sunflowers in the Wind” by Craig Padilla and Marvin Allen – United States (New Age)

“Cheerful Mohana” by Darlene Koldenhoven  – United States (New Age)

“Remembrance of Time” by Joseph L Young and and Lynn Tredeau – United States (New Age)

“Shiva Mantra (Om Namah Shivaya)” by Indian Trap & S. J. Jananiy – India (New Age)

“From A to O” by Mag Dalé – Germany (Singer/Songwriter)

“Eyes Wide Open (From ‘North Star’)” by SoundWave Studios Music Group – United Kingdom (Singer/Songwriter)

“Thelissis” by Yorgos Karagiannis – Soundtrack – Greece (Soundtrack)

“Aaraadha” by Devan Ekambaram – World Music – India (World Music)

“Cubalia Cafe (feat. Ardeshir Farah)” by Russ Hewitt – World Music – United States (World Music)

Performance Categories

“Russian Doll (Originally by ULVER)” Cover by Dmitry Fesenko “VENERA” – Ukraine (Best Production)

“To Be With You” by The Frost Duo – United States (Best Production)

“Blackbird (Originally by The Beatles)” Cover by Brian Eisenberg Jazz Orchestra  – United States (Best Instrumentalist)

“Capricho Catalán (Originally by Isaac Albéniz)” Interpreting by Elena Ortega – Spain (Best Instrumentalist)

“Je Te Laisserai Des Mots (Originally by Patrick Watson)” Cover by Zixiao Ye  – China (Best Instrumentalist)

“Vocalise by S. Rachmaninoff (Arranged for piano solo by Earl Wild), Fantasy und Fugue on theme B-A-C-H by F. Liszt” Interpreting by Michael Min  – United States (Best Instrumentalist)

“Lullaby (Originally by Anna Segal)” Interpreting by Silvia Nogales Barrios  – Spain (Best Instrumentalist)

“Transcendental Étude In D Minor ‘Mazeppa’ (Originally by Franz Liszt)” Interpreting by Sophia Agranovich  – United States (Best Instrumentalist)

“Remember me (Originally by David Maslanka)” Cover by Tess Remy-Schumacher  – United States (Best Instrumentalist)

“I Was Wrong (Originally by Chris Stapleton)” by Mike-Bear – United States (Best Vocalist)

“Die Seele ruht – J.S.Bach” (Originally by J. S. Bach)” Interpreting by Neivi Martinez – Austria (Best Vocalist)

“Media Vita in Morte Sumus (Originally by Michael McGlynn)” Cover by Penelope Broomhead Petromelidou – Greece (Best Vocalist)