5 tips to engage your fans and build a relationship with them


5 tips to engage your fans and build a relationship with them:

How to engage your fans? Imagine if you or your band had the chance to open for a particular artist, who would that artist be? Then you go ahead and follow their engaged fan, the ones that are commenting. This is the way to create a fan base in this current situation.

1. Upload story of yourself letting your followers know when you are going to be streaming and set the countdown timer on your story so they can tap on it and be reminded.

2. Ask your followers and audience to share your lives and video with their friends. (This way you can grow you fan base)

3. Tell your audience to follow all of your social media.


4. While you are preparing for a live show, keep the end user in mind, do not overdo it. They just want to see you and hear your music.

If your audiences are not on Instagram or Facebook, you can always invite them via Email. Because right now these are the platforms you can work with.


Do I need a website to engage fans? There’s always the possibility of several platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and etc. going down but if you have your website and email list you always have a connection with your fans.( Take some time to do a link check. make sure every link connected to you works. People want to see you, hear you and then connect with you)


Please share with us your live stream experience. Also if you have any specific question or a topic you would like information on, we are here to answer!


InterContinental Music Awards Team

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