5 Ways to Build Confidence as a Musician


5 Ways to Build Confidence as a Musician

It is very easy to become self-conscious when performing, any little reaction or sound can cause that. Furthermore, you will not be able to enjoy what you do. Here are 5 ways to build confidence as a Musician:

1. Play for your family and friends.

When you play for family members, who are supportive of you, it will boost your confidence. Plus, it is less stressful than playing for strangers. Then play for friends. They would be supportive but also can give you constructive criticism if needed, this way not only you feel comfortable but also you don’t feel attacked because it’s coming from people who support you.

2. Focus your attention on improving not worrying about the mistakes you made.

When you are performing you know the songs very well but the audience don’t know them .so if you made a mistake while performing just ignore it and the audience will never know.

3. Playing in front of the mirror is actually a great way to remedy or improve your techniques.

 You can always double check with Google translator.

4. Practice makes perfect! 

playing live is another way to gain confidence and it also counts as practice. It may be scary but by putting yourself out of you comfort zone you can discover many things about yourself.

5. Stop telling yourself that you are too shy, nervous or insecure to perform! 

It has been proven that confidence is not something you are born with which means you can gain and created yourself. Positives thought have the ability to help you grow confidence. 


If you used any other way way to build confidence, please share with us!


5 Ways to Build Confidence as a Musician

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