8 tips to find your music niche


8 tips to find your music niche

Focus on your niche so you can have the opening to explore and create content beyond your music by linking your passions and interests into your dialogue with fans. Your creative drive could be caused by several passions, so you have got to find the ones that are in common with your fans therefore leading to a deep connection between you and your fans.

Start with making a list of your passions:

1. Think about all of the things you are passionate about and all things that are a source of inspiration.  For example: 

– Your lifestyle (LGBT, green, vegan, politically active, religious, hobbies)

– Humanitarianism (anti-bullying, support the troops, homeless or hunger aid)

– DIY expertise (marketing, recording, touring, web development)


2. Analysis the list and determine which topics you can explore as an expert


3. Ask your fans what they are passionate about (If you don’t have any existing fans, that is totally fine, start with your friends and family!)


4.How much prospect exists for your niche?

Some will say that the best niche you can find is a low competition and a tight-knit community. However, you need to also be sure that enough interest in your niche actually exists for your hard work to be worthwhile.


Now that you chose some topics to explore it is time to find the one you plan to target with your social media:


5. How do you find fans that share your passion? There are several easy, free ways to do this research:

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google blog search, Pinterest, Instagram, Tumblr, Ning, Flipboard, LinkedIn


6.Determine which platforms your niche community is most active on

Note: You don’t need to be on all platforms at once. If your niche community is on several platforms, pick the ones you feel most comfortable and confident in and start your social media marketing with those


7.Decide how often you need to be creating content for each platform


8.Create content opportunities for yourself and your community


Remember that your fan base is a community, and so is your niche, you are creating unique opportunities to allow others to share their content with you


InterContinental Music Awards Team

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