A Recipe for a Successful Music Live Stream


A Recipe for a Successful Music Live Streaming

Let music help us through these difficult times. Since the outbreak of Corona virus all productions, concerts & tours has been put on hold. Now, let’s put on a great music live streaming which we absolutely deserve from the comfort of our homes! Here is a recipe for a successful live stream:


  • Any smartphone like iPhone is the best live feed equipment and don’t get crazy with microphone and don’t get hung up on equipment. So, utilize you phone.


  • The less thing you have plugged in the better chance of having a good broadcast but if you want stream live without your iPhone microphone and with DAW you probably going to use an OBS (Open Broadcaster Software) system which is a free open source software that is used for recording and live streaming. Do not worry about internet crashing or lagging. 


  • Set up a dummy account Facebook and practice going live there because it is private and you can watch the video and see if there are any problems. 


  • You should go where your audience is. If they are on Instagram, Facebook or twitch you stream live there. Right now if you use BeeLive or Zoom you can broadcast on both YouTube and Facebook at the same time. Some of the apps you can use to stream Instagram live form your computer is Yellow Duck.


  • When you stream online, your followers are notified first therefore you are competing for their attention. Schedule a time beforehand for the live stream.


  • A live concert should be about 4 or 5 songs at the beginning.15 to 20 minutes to get used to it. Do not go on for too long.  As you your viewers grow, add more time to it because when the first live is one hour long, the followers may not watch it. Leave them wanting more.


  • If you have more followers on your personal page, go live on your personal page and let them know about your music page. when you go live on your personal page it will get more attention.


  • If you are working in studio on some new materials, go live there and let the fans know they are a part of something. share the process with them.


  • Do original songs but you can put in a couple of covers depending on the platform. (Instagram is lenient because it disappears after 24 hours


Streaming video live or upload it? Facebook is going to pay more attention to the live. However, if you are going to upload a video post it on the same platform. For example, don’t use Facebook to promote your YouTube channel.


Here are also 7 tips for a successful music live stream:

1. Dress nicely when you are live streaming.


2. Schedule a special live session just to answer fans questions.


3. Schedule a livestream once or twice a week.


4. Boosting your Facebook lives for 5 or 6 dollars allows more people to see it as well as you can target specific audience.


5. Do not run a lives session from two devices at the same time because only one device can be logged into a Facebook live. (Use Chrome bowser when you live stream on Facebook from your laptop.)


6. Using twitter for live stream has some problems because there are a lot of fake accounts and trolls. Be careful.


7. It’s best to have people located to monitor the comments because nobody likes to feel ignored.


Please share with us your live stream experience. Also if you have any specific question or a topic you would like information on, we are here to answer!


InterContinental Music Awards Team

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Music photo created by:  www.freepik.com