InterContinental Music Awards Announce 2022 Winners


InterContinental Music Awards Announce 2022 Winners

54 Worldwide Musicians Honored in the 2022 InterContinental Music Awards

The Global Awards Show Live Streamed Worldwide on July 31, 2022

Los Angeles (August 5, 2022) – Musical artists and their fans all around the world gathered online last Sunday for the 10th Annual InterContinental Music Awards, a Los Angeles-based music competition that recognizes musical talent worldwide in 145 genres, from 35 countries, across 7 continents. The mission of the InterContinental Music Awards (aka the “ICMAs”) is to foster peace and unity through the universal language of music, recognizing global talent and helping artists to bolster their careers.  A complete list of the ICMA Winners for 2022 (54 in all) is shared below, and the competition’s 161 Finalists can be found here, along with their nominated songs, genres and images.

The ICMAs were presented live on Zoom by ICMA Founder and Executive Director Shahed Mohseni and actress/author Karen Lorre, and each Winner was invited to make a live acceptance speech. For many, it presented a unique opportunity to gain beneficial recognition – and media footage – on an international level. The options for entry are categorized by geographical continent or region, and then by musical genre.  The song submissions are evaluated by an independent panel of judges including artists, ethnomusicologists, producers and executives working in the Hollywood music, entertainment, film and media industries. Songs are judged equally on originality, melody, harmony, composition and quality of the production.

Heerraa Receives ICon Award

Heerraa, a dynamic young independent artist from Malaysia, was the recipient of the organization’s new ICon Award, an award level added this year in honor of the 10th Anniversary celebration. The ICon Award — akin to “Best in Show” – is chosen by the Jury Panel from amongst the pool of all Continental Winners. In addition to winning with her Pop song entry “Feel Alive”, Heerraa is a Harvard University sophomore, and co-founder/advisor of Ascendance, an international youth movement. The ICon comes with a $1,000 Cash Award was sponsored and presented live on air by Hilton Entertainment LLC, a Los Angeles-based communications firm.

Mr. Mohseni began the live concerts over a decade ago to unite international students in Cyprus where he attended Eastern Mediterranean University. He eventually moved to Los Angeles to pursue a Music Business education, while expanding the awards and pivoting to producing online events during the pandemic. He explained, “Our goal is to evaluate music differently from the standard awards show categories, using a more global and ethnical perspective. Our continental approach offers musicians around the world a chance to be seen and rewarded for their artistic efforts regardless of their location, gender, ethnicity, nationality, color or race. We accept & celebrate music from all seven continents; it really means a lot to me to welcome artists in regions or countries that restrict music freedom.”

ICMA Winners Receive Career-Enhancing Prizes

ICMA Winners receive career-enhancing prizes, including a scholarship into the DIY Music School, one-on-one coaching, mentoring from members of the judging panel, a Star Spot feature, a chance to perform in future InterContinental Concerts, discounts on software, and an official ICMA award certificate.  Prizing varies year-to-year based on sponsorships; brand partnership decks are now available for the 2023 Awards. 

Interested musicians, producers, performers and songwriters can enter the 2023 InterContinental Music Awards, which will begin accepting online submissions for an “early bird” rate on September 1, 2022, via a link on the organization’s official website. 

About the InterContinental Music Awards

Founded in 2011 by Shahed Mohseni, InterContinental Music Awards is committed to upholding music diversity and promoting unity among all people on earth. The awards program is open to musicians worldwide, who compete with their peers in geographic regions and in over 145 music genres. To-date, ICMA has recognized more than 274 talented musicians in 38 countries. Winners benefit from the educational and promotional opportunities that ICMA provides, enabling them to advance their music careers.

2022 InterContinental Music Awards Winners 

(Listed by Continent, with Song, Artist, Country of origin, and genre) 


“My Story” by Joy Saliu – United Kingdom  (African Contemporary)   

“African Queen” by  Mercy Ngozi Alu – Nigeria  (African Contemporary)   

“Kana Wakayambuka” by Rev T T Chivaviro – Zimbabwe (Sungura))


“Raga Asavari” by Charu Suri – United States (Asian Jazz & Crossover)

“Fantasi” by Arif Paiman – Malaysia (Asian Pop)

”Nalir Mani Neerum” by S. J. Jananiy – India (Asian Pop)

”Milestone” by Santhosh Chandran – India (Asian Rock)

“Tranquility” by Samir Bodhi – United States (Hindustani)


“How To Love a Girl” by Sarah Rose – United Kingdom (Country)

“Lay Your Love On Me (feat. Lex)” by Mane, Tobi Verheij, Thomas Pederson, Sarah Rose  – United Kingdom (European Electronic & Techno)

“Sunlight” by d’Z & Vivian Veronique – Netherlands (European Jazz)

“Si a mi lado tú estás” by Sara Reus  – Spain (European Pop/Rock)

Middle East

“Betrayal in Retribution” by Farid Hamedi– Iran (Art Music)

“Mi Havas Revon” by Kayo Bracey & Marilena Catapano – United States (Middle Eastern Hip-Hop)

North America

“Still (feat. Kitt Wakeley)” by Damian Wyldes – United States (American Roots)

“My Angel” by Joe Barksdale – United States (Blues)

“Crush” by Austin Hopkins – United States (Country)

“I See the Light” by Aashish Rego – India (Funk)

“Never Will I Be Alone” by Mo Dinka – United States (Gospel/Contemporary Christian)

“Here I Am (feat. Lalaine Enriquez)” by Girlie Vasallo – Canada (Gospel/Contemporary Christian)

“Money out the Bank ” by T2 Tizzle – Canada (Hip Hop)

“Perfect Love” by Yulia Petrova – United States (Jazz)

“Keep Dreaming ” by Charu Suri  – United States  (Jazz)

“White Buffalo” by Suzanne Teng & Gilbert Levy – United States (Native American Music)

“Black Lives Matter” by MZZ Niesi, Tarzan, J.M.O – United States (Pop)

“Feel Alive” by Heerraa – Malaysia  (Pop)

“Waking Up! (feat. Chandler Juliet)” by Shane The Crane – United States (Pop)

“Find A Way” by Tracy Cruz – United States (R&B)

“Stronger” by Kristina Murrell – United States  (R&B)

“Random Lover” by Damon K. Clark – United States (R&B)

“Untouchable” by Vanity WyzeKristina MurrellSonny King– United States (Rap)

“Shattered” by Kris Anders – Canada (Rock)

South America

“Amigo Licor” by Polo Magaña – Mexico (Bolero)

“Do It Better” by Fucha Kid (Feds Boss) – Antigua and Barbuda (Hip Hop)

“Besos Suaves” by Sarmad – Mexico (Latin Music)

“Domíname” by Elci – Cuba (Salsa)

“247 X Stein” by Khrstvn – United States  (Tropical)

Pangea (for genres found worldwide)

“In Awe” by John Gregorius – United States (Ambient)

“Beautiful Earth” by Seay – United States (New Age)

“Blue Nights ” by Juan Sánchez – Spain  (New Age)

“Hopeful Bliss” by Ronald Van Deurzen – Netherlands (New Age)

“Peace Prayer (feat Ofir Engel)” by Grayhawk – United States (New Age)

“Conflicted (feat Joe Satriani)” by Kitt Wakeley – United States (New Age)

“Change The World” by Meg Pfeiffer & Luca Stricagnol – United States (Singer/Songwriter)

“Across the Ocean” by Michael Choi – India (Soundtrack)

“A Walk Through Brindavan” by Devan Ekambaram – India (World Music)

Performance Categories

“Habanera” by Anastasia Boldyreva – United States (Best Production)

“Om Mani Padme Hum” (originally a Healing Matra)” by Priya Litt – United States (Best Production)

“Why Can’t We Live Together?” (originally by Timmy Thomas) cover by Robert Slap – United States (Best Production)

“Half pot of yarn” (originally by Liu Ke Yi ) cover by Neil Nayyar – United States (Best Instrumentalist)

“La Flamenca Primavera” (originally by Antonio Vivaldi) cover by Óscar de Manuel – Spain (Best Instrumentalist)

“Polonaise in C# minor, Op.26 No.1” (originally by Frederic Chopin) cover by Justin Man – United Kingdom  (Best Instrumentalist)

“The Look of Love” (originally by Dusty Springfield) cover by Crislyne – Canada (Best Vocalist)

“Ribbon in the Sky” (originally by Stevie Wonder) cover by Max Rosado – United States (Best Vocalist)


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